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The Maths articles list provided here consists of most Maths topics that are covered in schools. The Maths topics given here includes all the topics from basic to advanced level which will help students to bind the important concepts in a single sheet. Click on the article name mentioned in the list and it will direct you to the explanation of the respective topic along with solved example problems.

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List of All Maths Articles

3/2 simplified 6/8 simplified
8/10 simplified 4/6 simplified
3/12 simplified 2.5 squared
64 squared 1/2 squared
1.5 squared 30 squared
2.5 squared 32 squared
2 squared 3 squared
2/5 square 1/8 squared
24 squared 18 squared
11 squared 17 squared
20 squared 25 squared
14 squared 0 squared
7 squared 16 squared
1 squared 13 squared
10 squared 12 squared
22 squared 6 squared
5 squared 15 squared
9 squared 8 squared
2 squared 4 squared
6/4 simplified 3/18 simplified
4/16 simplified 2 6 simplified
2/12 simplified 3/5 simplified
3/9 simplified 4/52 simplified
12/16 simplified 4/8 simplified
2/4 simplified 6/16 simplified
2/10 simplified 2/3 simplified
2/6 simplified 3/2 simplified
6/8 simplified 8/10 simplified
4/6 simplified 3/12 simplified
6/20 simplified 0.36 as a fraction
6.25 as a fraction 0.4375 as a fraction
3.6 as a fraction 0.15 as a fraction
0.1875 as a fraction 0.2 as a fraction
2.3 as a fraction 0.16 as a fraction
2.4 as a fraction 2.6 as a fraction
0.05 as a fraction 0.9 as a fraction
0.04 as a fraction 1/25 in fraction
1.8 as a fraction 0.16 as a fraction
0.45 as a fraction 0.6 as a fraction
0.875 as a fraction 0.35 as a fraction
1.4 as a fraction 0.3125 as a fraction
0.7 as a fraction 0.1875 as a fraction
1.3 as a fraction 1.75 as a fraction
5/32 to decimal 1 1/4 as a decimal
1 1/2 in a decimal 9/10 as a decimal
15/16 to decimal 32 as a decimal
1/3 as a decimal 5/1 as decimal
1/10 as a decimal 4/3 as a decimal
3/10 as a decimal 2/9 as a decimal
11/16 to decimal 4/3 as decimal
9/16 as a decimal 1/16 to decimal
5/16 as a decimal 1/2 as a decimal
5/6 as a decimal 1/6 as a decimal
4/5 as a decimal 1/5 as a decimal
15 celsius to fahrenheit 23 celsius to fahrenheit
28 celsius to fahrenheit 27 celsius to fahrenheit
16 celsius to fahrenheit 50 celsius to fahrenheit
180 celsius to fahrenheit 26 celsius to fahrenheit
220 celsius to fahrenheit 25 celsius to fahrenheit
100 celsius to fahrenheit 24 celsius to fahrenheit
37.1 celsius to fahrenheit 17 celsius to fahrenheit
32 celsius to fahrenheit 21 celsius to fahrenheit
22 celsius to fahrenheit 190 celsius to fahrenheit
60 celsius to fahrenheit 160 celsius to fahrenheit
30 celsius to fahrenheit 20 celsius to fahrenheit
18 celsius to fahrenheit 36 celsius to fahrenheit
45 celsius to fahrenheit 39 celsius to fahrenheit
37 celsius to fahrenheit 10 celsius to fahrenheit
200 celsius to fahrenheit 80 celsius to fahrenheit
0.0625 as a fraction 38 celsius to fahrenheit
35 celsius to fahrenheit 40 celsius to fahrenheit
170 celsius to fahrenheit 7/10 as a decimal
1.125 as a fraction 0.06 as a fraction
1.375 as a fraction 0.3 as a fraction
5.5 as a fraction 1.2 as a fraction
0.33333 as a fraction 0.9375 as fraction
0.375 as a fraction 200/3 Simplified Fraction
7/8 as a decimal 30 60 90 Triangle
Axis of Symmetry alternate exterior angles
algorithm algebraic operating system (AOS)
algebraic expression azimuth (two-dimension)
azimuth (three-dimension) axis (plural axes)
axis (in symmetry) axis (in solid geometry)
axiom (postulate) axial plane
average attribute
atto- asymptote
asymmetric associative property of multiplication
associative property of addition associative
array arithmetic series
arithmetic sequence arithmetic progression
arithmetic mean arithmetic
argument (in logic) argument (complex number)
argument (algebra) Argand diagram
area of an ellipse area of a triangle
area of a trapezoid area of a square or a rectangle
area of a parallelogram area of a circle
area arctan (arc tangent)
arcsin (arc sine) arcsec (arc secant)
arcctn (arc cotangent) arccsc (arc cosecant)
arccos (arc cosine) arc-
arc tanh arc sinh
arc sech arc length
arc apothem
antilogarithm antiderivative
anticlockwise antecedent
annulus (plural annuli) annually
angle-side-angle (ASA) angle of inclination
angle (in space) angle (between two curves)
angle and
anchor ring analytical geometry (coordinate geometry)
analysis analogy
analog clock amplitude
ambiguous case ambiguous
altitude (of a solid figure) altitude (of a plane figure)
alternating series alternate interior angles
alternate exterior angles algorithm
algebraic operating system (AOS) algebraic expression
after admissible hypothesis
adjacent sides adjacent side (in a triangle)
adjacent faces adjacent angles
additive inverse additive identity
addition sentence addition property of opposites
addition formula addition (of vectors)
addition (of matrices) addition (of fractions)
addition addend
add acute triangle
acute angle acre
accuracy absolute value (complex number)
absolute value absolute minimum
absolute maximum absolute inequality
absolute error absolute convergence
abscissa algebra
Acute Angle Algebra
Associative Property Angles
breadth brackets
box and whisker plot bound
Boolean algebra bisector
bisect birectangular
binomial theorem binomial expansion
binomial distribution binomial coefficient
binomial binary operation
binary number binary logarithm
bimodal billion
bilateral symmetry biconditional
biased sample bias
beva- between (in geometry)
between Bernoulli trial
benchmark number before
bearing basis vectors
base unit base (of logarithms)
base (of an exponential function) base (in solid geometry)
base (in plane geometry) base (in an exponent)
base (in a number system) bar graph
bar chart balance
cylindrical polar coordinates cylindrical
cylinder cycloid
cyclic quadrilateral cyclic polygon
cycle customary measurement system
curve curvature
cup (c) cumulative frequency
cuboid cubic unit
cubic meter (m3) cubic equation
cubic centimeter (cm3) cube root
cube (in geometry) cube (in algebra)
csc cross section
cross multiply (cross products) counting numbers
counterexample counterclockwise
count on count back
coth cotangent (cot)
cot cosine rule
cosine (cos) cosh
cosech cosecant (cosec or csc)
cosec cos
corresponding sides corresponding angles
correlation correction
corollary corner
coplanar coordinates
coordinate plane coordinate geometry
convex convert
conversion table conversion graph
conversion factor Converse of the Pythagorean Theorem
converse convergent series
convergent sequence converge
convenience sample continuous random variable
continuous function continuous data
construction (in geometry) construct (in geometry)
constant consequent (in logic)
consecutive conjunction
conjugate of a complex number conjugate angles
conjecture conical
conic sections congruent polygons
congruent figures congruent
cone conditional statement
conditional convergence concurrent lines
conclusion concentric spheres
concentric circles concave
computation compound sentence (in logic)
compound interest compound event
composition composite number
composite function component
complex plane complex number
complex fraction completing the square
complementary angles complement (of a set)
compatible numbers compasses
compass commutative property of multiplication
commutative property of addition commutative
common tangent common ratio
common multiple common logarithm
common fraction common factor (in arithmetic)
common factor (in algebra) common difference
common denominator commission
combination column
collinear coefficient (in algebraic expressions)
clustering closed surface
closed set closed interval
closed figure closed curve (closed contour)
closed (under an operation) clockwise
classify class interval
class (in algebra) circumscribed circle
circumscribe circumference
circular functions circular cylinder
circular cone circle graph
circle chord
characteristic (in set) characteristic (in logarithm)
chain rule certain
centroid central tendency
central angle centimeter (cm)
center (of an ellipse) center (of a sphere)
center (of a regular polygon) Calculate the area of a circle with a circumference of 100 centimeters.
Calculate the area of a circle with a circumference of 125.66 units. Calculate the area of a circle with a circumference of 94.2 meters.
Calculate the area of a circle with a circumference of 78.54 centimeters. Calculate the area of a circle with a circumference of 107.04 units.
Calculate the area of a circle with a circumference of 69.08 meters. Calculate the area of a circle with a circumference of 78.5 centimeters.
Calculate the area of a circle with a circumference of 56.52 units. Calculate the area of a circle with a circumference of 37.68 meters.
Calculate the area of a circle with a circumference of 31.4 units. center (of a hyperbola)
center (of a circle) center
cent census
Celsius cell
catenary categorical data
Cartesian product (of sets A and B) Cartesian coordinate system
cardioid cardinal number
capacity cancel
calendar calculus of variations
calculus calculator
calculate (compute) Coordinate Plane
Commutative Property
Directrix And Focus of a Parabola - Definition, Properties,Examples Distance Formula
Determining the Roots of the Quadratic Equation y=-x^{2}-2 x+1 Distance Between Two Parallel Lines y=x+4 and -x+y=-5
duodecimal system draw
double-angle formula double plus one
double minus one double bar graph
double domain of a variable
domain of a relation domain
dollar dodecahedron
dodecagon divisor
division sentence division of fractions
division divisible
dividend divide
divergent series divergent sequence
diverge distributive property of multiplication over addition
distributive operation distributive
distance-time graph distance formula (of two points)
distance (between two points) displacement vector
dispersion (in statistics) disjoint
discriminant discrete random variable
discrete methods discrete data
discrete discount
directrix direction (of a vector)
direction (of a curve) directed number
direct variation dimension (of a matrix)
dimension (in geometry) dime
dilation dihedral angle
digital root digit
differentiation differential equation
differential difference between two squares
difference diameter of a sphere
diameter of a circle diagram
diagonal matrix diagonal (solids)
diagonal (polygons) deviation
developable surface determinant
derived unit derivative
depth deposit
dependent variable dependent event
denumerable set density property for Real Numbers
density property denominator
degrees of freedom degrees Fahrenheit (°F)
degrees Celsius (°C) degree (related to a variable)
degree (of an equation) degree (of accuracy)
degree (of a polynomial) degree (in physics)
degree (°) definition
definite integral (Riemann integral) Determine the area of a circle with a diameter of 16 inches.
Determine the area of a circle with a diameter of 38 centimeters. Determine the area of a circle with a diameter of 12 inches.
Determine the area of a circle with a diameter of 34 centimeters. Determine the area of a circle with a diameter of 22 feet.
Determine the area of a circle with a diameter of 14 inches. Determine the area of a circle with a diameter of 18 centimeters.
Determine the area of a circle with a diameter of 8 feet. Determine the area of a circle with a diameter of 10 inches.
Determine the area of a circle with a diameter of 30 feet. decimal of 1/16
decimal of 7/8 definite integral (Riemann integral)
deductive reasoning deduction
deduce decomposition
decimeter decimal point
decimal places (in rounding) decimal number system
decimal number decimal fraction
decimal deci-
decahedron decagon
deca- De Moivre´s theorem
day data analysis
data Distributive Property
extrapolation exterior angle
extend expression
exponential series exponential function
exponent experimental probability
experiment expected value (expectation)
expanded form expand (in algebra)
exclusive (of events) exception
exceed event
even number even function
evaluate Euler´s formula (for polyhedron)
Euler´s formula (eix) Euclidean geometry
Euclidean algorithm estimate
error Eratosthenes´ sieve (sieve of Eratosthenes)
equivalent ratios equivalent fractions
equivalent decimals equivalent
equilateral triangle equilateral
equiangular triangle equation
equally likely equality (of vectors)
equality (of sets) equality (of real numbers)
equality (of matrices) equality (of matrices)
equality (of complex numbers) equal parts
equal groups equal
epicycloid envelope
enumerable enlargement
empty set (null set) empirical statement
ellipsoid ellipse
elimination element (in geometry)
element (in algebra) elapsed time
edge eccentricity
Find the average rate of change of of f(x)=x^{3}-3 x^{2}+2 fundamental units
fundamental theorem of algebra fundamental counting principle
function frustum of a pyramid
frustum of a cone frequency table
frequency fraction
fractal geometry fractal
four-color problem formula
foot (ft) focus (parabola)
focus (hyperbola) focus (ellipse)
flowchart flip
first quartile first order differential equation
Find the area of a circle with a radius of 5.6 feet. Find the area of a circle with a radius of 12.4 inches.
Find the area of a circle with a radius of 9.1 units. Find the area of a circle with a radius of 4.2 feet.
Find the area of a circle with a radius of 10.6 inches. Find the area of a circle with a radius of 6.8 units.
Find the area of a circle with a radius of 3.5 feet. Find the area of a circle with a radius of 7.2 inches.
Find the area of a circle with a radius of 2.5 centimeters. Find the area of a circle with a radius of 5 units.
Factors of 140 Factors of 125
Factors of 99 Factors of 66
Factors of 252 Factors of 162
Factors of 225 Factors of 51
Factors of 240 Factors of 128
Factors of 65 Factors of 105
Factors of 196 Factors of 41
Factors of 147 Factors of 44
Factors of 216 Factors of 150
Factors of 2 Factors of 13
Factors of 98 Factors of 81
Factors of 17 Factors of 144
Factors of 108 Factors of 3
Factors of 5 Factors of 50
Factors of 70 Factors of 4
Factors of 100 Factors of 7
Factors of 10 Factors of 14
Factors of 180 Factors of 22
Factors of 75 Factors of 120
Factors of 210 finite set
finite finance charge
figure figurate numbers
Fibonacci sequence Fibonacci numbers
fewer Fermat´s last theorem
family fair
Fahrenheit scale factorization
factorial (of an integer) factor tree
factor theorem factor (in arithmetic)
factor (in algebra) fact family
grouping property of multiplication grouping property of addition
group gross weight
gross (profit) grid
greatest upper bound greatest possible error (GPE)
greatest common factor (GCF) greater than (>)
great circle graph
gram (g) gradient
goniometer golden section
golden rectangle golden ratio
golden cut Goldbach´s conjecture
glide-reflectional symmetry geometry
geometric series geometric sequence
geometric progression geometric probability
geometric mean geodesic
generator general form (of an equation)
Gaussian distribution gallon (gal)
hypothesis hypotenuse
hypocycloid hyperboloid
hyperbolic functions hyperbola
hundredth hundred
hour hand hour
horizontal bar graph horizontal
horizon line histogram
highest common factor hexahedron
hexagon hexadecimal
Hero´s formula heptagon
hemisphere helix
height hecto-
HCF harmonic series
harmonic sequence (harmonic progression) harmonic mean
halve half-hour
half-dollar half-angle formula
half Hexagon
iteration iterated integral (multiple integral)
isosceles triangle isometric transformation
irregular polygon irrational number
inverse trigonometric functions inverse property of multiplication
inverse property of addition inverse operations (opposite operations)
inverse hyperbolic functions inverse function
inverse element inverse (of a matrix)
invariant interval
intersection point intersection (in set theory)
intersecting planes intersecting lines
interquartile range interpolation
interior angle interest
intercept integration
integrand integral exponent
integral integer
inside inscribed circle
inscribed infinity
infinitesimal infinite set
infinite series infinite sequence
inference inequality
inductive reasoning induction (mathematical induction)
indirect measurement indirect measure
index (plural indices) indeterminate form
indeterminate equation independent variable
independent event indefinite integral
increment increasing pattern
increase include
incircle (inscribed circle) inch (in.)
improper fraction impossible
imply imperial units
immediate recall imaginary number
image identity property of zero
identity property of one identity property of multiplication
identity property of addition identity
icosahedron Is Solvely Accurate: Does Solvely do Word Problems
justify joule
knot kite
kilometer (km) kiloliter (kL)
kilogram (kg) kilo-
lowest common multiple lowest common denominator (LCD)
lower extreme lower bound
longitude logic
logarithmic function logarithm
log-log graph log
locus local minimum (relative minimum)
local maximum (relative maximum) liter (L)
linear programming linear function
linear equation line symmetry
line segment line plot
line of best fit line graph
line limit
like terms less than (<)
length leg
least upper bound least squares method
least common multiple (LCM) least common denominator (LCD)
law of tangents law of sines
law of exponents law of cosines
latitude lateral face
mutually exclusive multiply
multiplier multiplicative inverse
multiplication sentence multiplication property of zero
multiplication of fractions multiplication
multiplicand multiple-line graph
multiple-bar graph multiple
more than month
monomial modulus
model mode
Mobius strip (Mobius band) mixed number
mixed decimal minute hand
minute (of an angle) minute (min)
minus sign minuend
minor arc minimum point
million millimeter (mm)
milliliter (mL) milligram (mg)
milli- mile (mi)
midpoint micro-
metric system meter (m)
meridian mental computation (mental math)
mega- mediator
median (in geometry) median
measures of central tendency measure
mean deviation mean (of a random variable)
mean (average) maximum point
matrix mathematical situation
mass markup
mapping map scale
mantissa manipulatives
Mandelbrot set majority
major sector major axis (of an ellipse)
major arc magnitude
magic square macro-
numerical expression numerical analysis
numerator numeral
number theory number sentence
number line number
null matrix (zero matrix) normal distribution (Gaussian distribution)
normal nonlinear function
nonagon non-standard measurement
non-Euclidean geometry no correlation
nickel network
net (in geometry) net
negative slope negative number
negative integer negative direction
negative correlation negative
nautical mile natural numbers
natural logarithm
overestimate oval
outside outlier
outcomes ounce (oz)
oscillating series orthocenter
origin ordinate
ordinary differential equation ordinal numbers
ordered set ordered pair
order property of multiplication order of operations
order opposites
opposite side opposite operations
operation open set
open sentence open interval
open figure open curve
ones one-to-one correspondence
one-dimensional on
odds odd number
odd function octal
octahedron octagon
obtuse triangle obtuse angle
oblique triangle oblique solid
oblique pyramid oblique prism
oblique lines oblique cylinder
oblique coordinate system oblique cone
oblique angle o´clock
Order Of Operations
Pythagorean theorem pyramid
protractor proportion
property of zero property of one for multiplication
proper fraction proof
progression product formula
product probability
prism principal value
principal prime number
prime factorization prime factor
prediction predict
precision of measurement precision
practical situation powers of ten
power series power
pound (lb) positive slope
positive number positive integer
positive direction positive correlation
positive population
polynomial polyhedron
polygon polar coordinates
point symmetry point of rotation
point of intersection point of contact
point plus sign
plot plane geometry
plane figure plane
planar place value
pint (pt) pie chart
pictograph pictogram
pi perspective
perpendicular planes perpendicular lines
permutation periodic function
period perimeter
perfect square perfect number
percentile percentage
percent pentagon
penny pattern
Pascal´s triangle partial product
partial differential equation partial differential
partial derivative parenthesis
parametric equation parameter
parallelogram of vectors parallelogram
parallelepiped parallel planes
parallel lines paraboloid
parabola Pentagon
Quadratic Equations or Formula quotient
quintic equation quartile
quartic equation quarterly
quarter quart (qt)
quadrilateral quadratic function
quadratic equation quadrant
run row (in a matrix)
rounding numbers rounding
rotational symmetry rotation of axes
rotation root-mean-square (RMS)
root (of an equation) Roman numerals
rise ring (in geometry)
right triangle trigonometry right triangle
right solid right angle
rhombus retail price
result representative fraction (RF)
representation replacement set
repeating decimal remainder theorem
remainder relative error
relation regular polyhedron
regular polygon regrouping
reflex angle reflection (flip)
reduction formulas reduce
recurring decimal rectangular prism
rectangular parallelepiped rectangular hyperbola
rectangular coordinate system rectangular axis
rectangle reciprocal
real number ray
rationalize rational number
ratio rate
range of a relation range (of a function)
range (in statistics) range
random selection random sampling
random number random event
radius (of a sphere) radius (of a circle)
radical radian
system of equations symmetry
symbolic language symbol
survey surface of revolution
surface area supplementary units
supplementary angles superscript
sum to infinity sum
successor subtrahend
subtraction sentence subtraction (of fractions)
subtraction subtract
substitution method substitute
subset subscript
strategy straightedge
straight line straight angle
steradian stem-and-leaf plot
statistics stationary point
standard units standard form
standard deviation standard
stacked bar graph squaring the circle
square unit square root
square pyramid square number
square matrix square (in geometry)
square (in algebra) spline
spiral spheroid
spherical trigonometry spherical triangle
spherical segment spherical sector
spherical polar coordinates sphere
speed solve
solution of triangles solution of the system
solution solid of revolution
solid geometry solid figure
solid angle small circle
slope slide rule
slide slant height of a right cone
slant height of a regular pyramid slant height
skip count skew lines
sketch sinusoidal
sinusoid sinh
singular matrix sine rule
sine (sin) sin
simultaneous equations simplify
simplest form simple interest
simple harmonic motion (s.h.m.) similarity
similar triangles similar polygons
significant digits signed number
sign side-side-side (SSS)
side-angle-side (SAS) side
SI units shape
set series
sequence (progression) semiregular polyhedron
semicircle semiannually
semi segment (of a figure)
segment sector
section second quartile
second (time unit) second (angle unit)
sech secant (sec)
secant sec
scientific notation scatter plot
scatter diagram scalene triangle
scalene scale model
scale factor scale drawing
scale scalar quantity
scalar product scalar
satisfy sampling
sample space sample
sales tax sale price
square root of 29 square root of 34
square root of 85 square root of 0
square root of 75 square root of 400
square root of 28 square root of 15
square root of 81 square root of 52
square root of 17 square root of 144
square root of 125 square root of 27
square root of 48 square root of 49
square root of 80 square root of 72
square root of 24 square root of 200
square root of 13 square root of 25
square root of 1 square root of 169
square root of 18 square root of 9
Square Root of 8 Scalene Triangle
The directrix and focus of a parabola two-dimensional
turning point turn symmetry
truth value truth table
truncated trochoid
trivial solution trisect
trirectangular trinomial
trillion trigonometry
trigonometric ratios trigonometric functions
triangular number triangular matrix
triangle sum theorem triangle inequality
triangle trial and error
trial trend
tree diagram trapezoidal rule
trapezoid transversal
transpose of a matrix translational symmetry
translation of axes translation (slide)
transformational motion transformation (of coordinates)
transformation (in geometry) transformation (in general)
transformation (in algebra) transcendental number
trajectory total differential
total derivative torus (anchor ring)
topology tonne
ton (T, customary system) ton (t)
tolerance three-dimensional
thousandth third quartile
theoretical probability theorem
tetrahedron (triangular pyramid) tessellation
ternary terminating decimal
term tera-
tenth tens
temperature tanh
tangram tangent line (to a curve)
tangent line (to a circle) tangent (tan)
tan tally table
tally marks tabulate
Tabular table
upper extreme upper bound
unlike fractions unknown
universal set unit vector
unit price unit matrix (identity matrix)
unit fraction unit
uniqueness unique solution
union unicursal
underestimate unbounded
unary operation
vulgar fraction volume
vertically opposite angles vertical line test
vertical bar graph vertical angles
vertical vertex (in solid geometry)
vertex (in plane geometry) verify
Venn diagram vectors, parallelogram of
vector sum vector product (cross product)
vector multiplication vector difference
vector variational calculus
variance variable
vanishing point value
validate valid
What is 20% of 300? What is 20% of 30?
What is 20% of 25? What is 20% of 20?
What is 20% of 150? What is 20% of 40?
written form withholding tax
width wholesale price
whole numbers weight
week wavelength
What is 80% of 40? What is 80% of 25?
What is 5% of 2000? What is 5% of 20?
What is 5% of 1000? What is 40% off 50?
What is 40% of 50? What is 40% of 20?
What is 30% of 500? What is 30% of 50?
What is 30% of 400? What is 30% of 100?
What is 20% of 90? What is 20% of 80?
What is 20% of 75? What is 20% of 60?
What is 20% of 50? What is 20% of 45?
What is 20% of 40? What is 20% of 300?
What is 20% of 30? What is 20% of 25?
What is 20% of 20? What is 20% of 150?
What is 20% of 15? What is 20% of 120?
What is 20% of 100? What is 20% of 10?
What is 15% of 60? What is 15% of 40?
What is 15% of 200? What is 15% of 20?
What is 15% of 100? What is 10% of 5000?
What is 10% of 500? What is 10% of 50?
What is 10% of 25? What is 10% of 20?
What is 10% of 150? What is Factors of 120?
x-intercept x-coordinate
yotta- yocto-
yield year
yard (yd) y-intercept
y-coordinate y-axis
zone zetta-
zero property of multiplication zero property of addition
zero matrix (null matrix) zero